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“I was at my wits end as my 12 year relationship had ended. I was thinking about jumping from the bridge but the understanding and hope I got from Rod helped me refocus. It was a long process but worked in the end. I got out of bed and got a job and started doing things again.” - K., North Vancouver

“My son went to Rod. He had difficulty coping with his father’s demands. He got a better perspective on his relationship with his dad from about 3 sessions which helped him manage better.” - L., New Westminster

“We were both professionals and thought life should be going well for us, but actually our relationship was deteriorating and we seemed unable to make it work. Key Counselling got us back on track. Well worth the money!” - B&L, North Vancouver

“I have schizophrenia, my mum wanted me to come to counselling. I was spending money on the wrong things and my friends also borrowed a lot from me. Counselling helped understand when to say no.” - John, North Vancouver

“I had always drank to handle things. Then a doctor told me if I didn’t stop drinking my liver would quit. I stopped drinking but my emotions were awful. Through counselling with Rodney, I came to see that crying felt weird but was ok, and learned to cope with feelings instead of fight or drink.” - BW., Vancouver

“We had actually been engaged in physical violence towards one another, which was not easy to talk about. We got encouraged and help and now things are a lot better. We learned to talk things out.” - J&M

“I came with an unusual personal problem that I felt was spoiling my ability to enjoy my life... after 5 or 6 sessions at Key Counselling I learned how to overcome my problem which in part was to do with my view of myself.” - P., North Vancouver

“We had come to a place where each discussion turned to an argument, sometimes in front of the kids. We were losing hope. Couple counselling with Rod helped put the hope back in our marriage because we got tools to cope with challenges and to appreciate and respect one another better.” - J&P, Coquitlam

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